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US-9859570-B2: Electronic apparatus and associated methods patent, US-9862585-B2: Continuous motion linear container filler patent, US-8603406-B2: For drying regenerated catalyst in route to a propane dehydrogenation reactor patent, US-8671003-B2: System and method for prediction of deterioration patent, US-8710900-B2: Methods and apparatus for voltage selection for a MOSFET switch device patent, US-8778513-B2: Perovskite manganese oxide thin film patent, US-8816839-B1: Portable seat belt alarm system patent, US-8844677-B1: Expandable and collapsible platform system patent, US-8896122-B2: Semiconductor devices having gates including oxidized nickel patent, US-8896576-B2: Touch panel, liquid crystal panel, liquid crystal display device, and touch panel-integrated liquid crystal display device patent, US-8903973-B1: Parallel distributed network management patent, US-8906530-B2: Battery unit with blower patent, US-8907618-B2: Contactless cell apparatus patent, US-8921381-B2: Inhibitors of secretion of hepatitis B virus antigens patent, US-8940168-B2: Axial bypass sleeve patent, US-8944118-B2: Equilibrium pressure filling method for filling pre-pressurized aerosol cans with barrier system patent, US-8961187-B2: Phantom patent, US-8970514-B2: Touch screen survey method and apparatus patent, US-8999067-B2: Fractionation of a lignocellulosic material patent, US-9005083-B2: Start safety circuit arrangement in a work apparatus having an internal combustion engine patent, US-9023453-B2: Honeycomb structure and method for manufacturing honeycomb structure patent, US-9067453-B2: Book production system, method and program storage medium patent, US-9088803-B2: Software defined joint bandwidth provisioning and cache management for MBH video traffic optimization patent, US-9092811-B2: Guideline-based food purchase management patent, US-9103669-B2: Distance measuring device patent, US-9164854-B2: Thread sparing between cores in a multi-threaded processor patent, US-9183476-B2: Print management apparatus, image forming system, and non-transitory computer readable medium patent, US-9204233-B2: Audio testing system and method patent, US-9218787-B2: Image-displaying device and display timing control circuit patent, US-9222519-B2: Rigid coupling patent, US-9234272-B2: Gas barrier film and method for producing gas barrier film patent, US-9246957-B2: Systems and methods for interactive content generation patent, US-9289177-B2: Sensing device, a method of preparing a sensing device and a personal mobile sensing system patent, US-9301608-B2: Storage having pair of drawers drawn in opposite directions patent, US-9323218-B2: Generating full-parallax digital holograms patent, US-9368999-B2: Wireless charging structure for mobile information terminal in vehicle patent, US-9372959-B2: Assembly of metagenomic sequences patent, US-9391134-B2: Fin field effect transistor, semiconductor device including the same and method of forming the semiconductor device patent, US-9393020-B2: Ligator and ligation method patent, US-9445239-B2: Location based operation of a wireless mobile system patent, US-9466859-B2: Drying process for cost effective production of Li-accumulators patent, US-9470130-B1: Exhaust arrangements for marine propulsion devices patent, US-9484738-B2: Operating a substation automation system patent, US-9519524-B2: Providing lock-based access to nodes in a concurrent linked list patent, US-9555517-B2: Film thickness signal processing apparatus, polishing apparatus, film thickness signal processing method, and polishing method patent, US-9561535-B2: Method for milling a cutout in a workpiece, and workpiece having a cutout patent, US-9568440-B2: Filter inspection method and apparatus patent, US-9584113-B2: Arrangement and method for a power semiconductor switch patent, US-9617519-B2: Method for manufacturing multilayered cell sheet, multilayered cell sheet having vascular network obtained thereby, and method of use thereof patent, US-9636581-B2: Information processing apparatus, control method, program, storage medium, and rendering system patent, US-9640296-B2: Electroconductive polymer dispersion liquid and electroconductive coating patent, US-9674107-B2: Distributed virtual appliance patent, US-9708832-B2: Lock core with recessed pop out knob patent, US-9716984-B2: Multicast packet delivery in a wireless network operating in non-storing mode patent, US-9736285-B2: Communication terminal device patent, US-9756276-B2: Display apparatus and method for controlling display apparatus patent, US-9796081-B2: Robotic snake patent, US-9814048-B2: Apparatus and method in wireless communication system patent, US-9833971-B2: Assembly for creating custom structures and coupons from printable blank sheets patent, US-9860564-B2: Method for producing video coding and programme-product patent, US-9888466-B2: Method for allocating reference signal antenna port for transmission diversity technique in wireless communication system, and apparatus for same patent, US-8649425-B2: Apparatus and method for adjusting bit rate in security device connected to external storage patent, US-8651573-B2: Vehicle seat assembly having a self adjusting seat cushion patent, US-8660414-B2: Thermal processor employing radiant heater patent, US-8661056-B1: System, method and computer program product for publicly providing web content of a tenant using a multi-tenant on-demand database service patent, US-8672814-B2: Seat back mounting system patent, US-8682149-B2: Flow measurement with electric heaters patent, US-8697749-B2: Lipotoxicity relieving agent patent, US-8700974-B2: Memory system controller having seed controller using multiple parameters patent, US-8745855-B2: Method for producing antenna device patent, US-8752134-B2: System and method for detecting and preventing attacks against a server in a computer network patent, US-8755387-B2: Communication system and relay apparatus patent, US-8795750-B2: Method for manufacturing low-phosphorus whey patent, US-8820575-B2: Digital signage retrofit for vending machine patent, US-8830314-B2: System and method for dense-stochastic-sampling imaging patent, US-8844061-B2: Scanning probe microscope patent, US-8907175-B2: Soybean variety A1036609 patent, US-8909801-B2: Graphic sharing patent, US-8910420-B2: Sliding lavatory pocket door patent, US-8931181-B2: Scalpel blade safety accessory patent, US-8949783-B2: Method and system for lazy data serialization in computer communications patent, US-8970198-B2: Switch-mode power supply having reduced audible noise patent, US-8992680-B2: Fast hydraulic binder for parts and constructions made of concrete containing a calcium salt patent, US-8998307-B1: Header beam of a vehicle frame and method of forming the same patent, US-9000652-B2: Thermionic generator patent, US-9031078-B2: Modification of live streams patent, US-9035016-B2: Conjugated polymer composition for solar cell and flexible electronics applications patent, US-9054798-B2: Non-foster circuit stabilization method patent, US-9101065-B2: Ceramic circuit board and process for producing same patent, US-9132381-B2: Hydrogen separation device patent, US-9181246-B2: Pyrrolopyridine inhibitors of kinases patent, US-9183293-B2: Systems and methods for scalable topic detection in social media patent, US-9201001-B2: Visual detection of fluoride ions patent, US-9339058-B2: Method for producing microcrystalline cellulose from tobacco and related tobacco product patent, US-9347426-B2: Wind turbine blade railroad transportation system and method patent, US-9378419-B2: Classifying images patent, US-9385487-B2: Active plug connector and method for assembling the same patent, US-9429013-B2: Optical window assembly for an optical sensor of a downhole tool and method of using same patent, US-9437315-B2: Data storing system and operating method thereof patent, US-9545120-B2: Method of lowering glycemic index of foods patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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